12 Things You Need To Know Before Dating Someone With OCD

Dating someone with OCD is hard, without any exceptions. A person with obsessive compulsive disorder has his brain constantly running and he just can’t turn it off. The person surely is tough to deal with but he need not be someone you altogether can’t. Here are a few things you definitely must know before you start dating someone with OCD:

1. Their to-do lists go on endlessly making you feel inefficient yourself.

It is not that you aren’t organized, it’s just that they are very very organized.

2. Your place will always be tidied up even if you like it the way it is.

The fact that dirt and mess gives them anxiety, will make them get to work before they even say ‘Hi baby’ to you.

3. They have a certain ‘routine’ and you better not argue with it.

They have a fixed routine that nothing can ever bend or break; not even you. And if you try to, there will be a meltdown and you can never be too ready for it.

4. They’ll have weird habits and you can’t laugh them off.

Even if stepping over just the grey blocks may seem crazy to you, it is the way they walk on a sidewalk and you can’t make  fun of it. You just have to deal with it and even learn to find it endearing.

5. You will have to get used to the nagging and picking up.

Everything has to be their own way and if you do it wrong, you will have to be ready to take in a lot of nagging. ”How can you tilt the coffee table to 95 degrees when it should clearly be 90?!”

6. They will always be tidier than you no matter how neat you actually are.

They are literally cleanliness freaks and unless everything from their nails to their apartment’s far corner is absolutely dust free, disinfected and bleached; they can’t rest.

7. You may be trendy but they’ll always have the better clothes.

One and the only reason for this is that they have to have clean and new clothes for each season and occasion.

8. They’ll never quit to take rest even for a minute.

Until and unless each to-do list is thoroughly and to their satisfaction completed, they can’t cuddle with you. So, sit quietly and wait till they finish.

9. Your bae will have it all covered for you every single time.

Leave it to your sweetheart to make plans, do reservations and pick the movies, because they have it all under their control. And them you just plain get dependent on the mighty organizer.

10. They feel their ‘way’ is and should be the natural way of life for everyone.

After all, a clean and orderly world with a planned-out-to-the-minute arrangement that is guaranteed to give you a great time because you planned it that way, should be what everyone should opt for, isn’t it?

11. Your partner will make you hyper-aware of every damn thing you do.

When they are over calculative, over organized, over planning, over executing and over everything, of course every move and every mistake you make will become a big neon sign flashing through your mind; courtesy your bae.

12. You will need patience.

Lots of patience.
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