12 Fun Couple Questions Men Wrongly Become Too Comfortable to Ask in a Long Time Relationship

fun couple questions

With time relationships get matured. The drunk butterflies finally get over their hangover and settle down. And it’s not a bad thing at all. You are more comfortable with each other and so the bond is much stronger with a far more sense of security and trust between you two.

But what sucks is when the guy becomes too comfortable and doesn’t refrain from asking even these really irksome and annoying questions. He may even consider them as fun couple questions. 

Take a look at 11 fun couple questions that you may relate to…..

1. “Why do you look pregnant?”

Excuse me?!! This is a dangerous move because if she isn’t pregnant, you’ve effectively labeled her as “fat.” 

What’s the best way to deal with this? Simply ride it out, and this can be one of the questions to ask your long term girlfriend. If she doesn’t bring it up, you can strike up a friendly discussion about your future plans for children.

comfy-1-srk-fat-making-face-tease-funny, questions to ask your long term girlfriendImage source/ Yash Raj Films

2. “Are you really going to eat all of that?”

I have an appetite. So, what?!! Keep off on making diet judgments unless you mean it in a playful manner. And brother, if she wants, she’ll eat you alive for questing her appetite. 

comfy-2-eat-surpriseImage source

3. “You’ll be wearing that?” Hello?!!

Are you questioning my style?! Beware! 

Women are not a huge fan of this question because, even though it’s well-intentioned, it can come off as judgmental. Also, buddy, she has a style unlike yours, so shut up and appreciate her. You might think it’s one of the fun questions to ask your partner, but it’s the opposite.

comfy-3-sonam-shocked-repelled-insulted-shoutImage source

4. “Your friend looked great at the party, didn’t she?”

Well, pat your back for acting like a charming prince and crossing the line! This question places you at risk of coming off as a womanizer or a douche, all of which are low-value traits. If you’re ready to face complete and absolute failure, keep her out of this zone.

comfy-4-hrithik-katrina-bang-bang-push-beach-fight-argue-angry-coupleImage source/ Fox Star Studios- 20th Century Fox 

5. “Oh boy! This perfume is my ex’s favorite.”

You are drop-dead! Instead, it would help if you complimented her by saying your cologne smells nice.

comfy-5-priyanka-chopra-don-shoot-gun-aangry-pissed-off-killImage source/ Reliance Entertainment

6. “What did you do to your hair?”

You mean made them prettier, right? This may be one of the fun couple questions, but asking about your lady’s hairstyle (even if it is truly unsexy) can hurt her feelings and give her the impression that you think she is unattractive. 

comfy-5b-r-rajkumar-fix-hair-disgusting-yuck-chiii-shahid-kapoor, fun couple questionsImage source/ Eros International

7. “Hey, don’t you need to wax?”

Unbelievable! Her life, her choice! You can do better at the fun questions to ask your partner. Suitable grooming is, of course, needed. There are, of course, preferences. And, of course, when it comes to a woman taking care of herself, she has a say. That’s inappropriate to question at any stage of a relationship. 

comfy-6-deepika-padukone-unbelievable-disgusted-annoyedImage source/ Eros International

8. “Babe, could you take care of the bill?” EVERYTIME!

It’s okay if she pays the bill every time, it’s totally okay. The problem arises when she’s MADE TO do the same every time…

If you both are comfortable with the idea of her paying the bill every time you guys go out on a date, you go guys. Please don’t make it a habit and ASK her to pay. Can you see the difference? 

comfy-7-judging-you-wtf-lol-deepika-cocktailImage source/ Eros International

9. *Burping or farting* “I’m sorry. Do you mind?”

Of course, I do! It’s disgusting! You think it’s one of those funny questions for lovers, but no, hon, you got it all wrong. Of course, there are ways to do it silently. :p

13 Questions That Men Wrongly Become Too Comfortable To Ask When In A Long Time RelationshipImage source/ Balaji Motion Pictures

10. “So, honey, what do you want for your bday?”

A surprise would be nice, you’re welcome! Please don’t consider this as one of the funny questions for lovers. You don’t need to be too descriptive because girls want to be surprised on their birthdays. Make your birthday present one-of-a-kind and imaginative. Girls would appreciate everything you gave them because you cared enough for them to do so on their special day.

comfy-9-disney-annoyed-angry-hopeless-wtfImage source

11. “Is it your time of the month?”

Uuhhh…. Please don’t. This is a risky question to ask because to her, and it means that you’re asking if she’s “up for sex,” which puts you in danger of appearing desperate and low-value (trying to win the “award” ahead of time by agreement rather than only making your move).

It’s also disrespectful and vulgar.

comfy-10-arrjun-kapoor-sonakshi-sinha-jeep-tired-tavelling-afraid-runningImage source/ Eros International

12. “Hey babe I have like 12-14 of your missed calls. Did you call?”

Nope, my phone was getting bored so I started playing ‘dial-dial.’ You’re actually pretty dumb, or you’re pretending to be one. Call her and apologize. Are you trying to be funny cause this is not one of those funny relationship questions?

13 Questions That Men Wrongly Become Too Comfortable To Ask When In A Long Time RelationshipImage source/ Eros International- Nadiawala Grandsons Prroduction/ featured image source:idiva.com

Context is crucial in answering many of the questions above. You may be able to get away with a couple of them if you have a solid masculine frame, have good chemistry with your woman, or she forgives your silly self.

If you struggle to keep a discussion going, you can research the best subjects to discuss with women.

The intention is not to avoid teasing or being playful. Teasing is a perfect way to impress a woman and demonstrate your sense of humor. Do ask her fun couple questions, but not the ones that make her question your existence.

We simply want you to avoid questions that make you seem low-valued, vulnerable, desperate, and so on.

Can you think of any more your guy may have asked you? Do let us know.

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