11 Ways Your Mobile Phone Results In A Serious Damage Of Your Romantic Date

Phone continuously ringing during a romantic date?!! Ouch! Just imagining the scenario gives one a shudder! It’s the perfect recipe to ruin your date and even a better one to get your girl pissed off, big time!! So, here are some really annoying ways your cell phone results in truly destroying a perfectly possible romantic date.

1. When your phone is continuously ringing because your boss wants to know where the hell are you if not in the conference room.

image source/ Warner Bros. Pictures- Roadshow Entertainment

2. When your room mate is calling to remind you to bring back Maggi for dinner.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

3. Or your landlord pleading you to pay the three months pending bill.

image source/ Madras Talkies- Eros International

4. When your mom is calling to know what did his ladla beta have for lunch and is he eating well or not.

image source/ Yash Raj Flms- Dharma Productions

5. The Subway Surfer updates that made your gf pretty sure you were playing the game under the table while she was explaining the difference between her cerulean top vs. the mediocre navy blue one, the girl on the other table is wearing.

image source
image source/ Yash Raj Films

6. Your sis calling to butter you up so that you buy her that new phone she just saw on Flipkart.

image source/ Dharma Productions

7. The seriously sadist Idea people who are adamant you subscribe to the new caller tunes but definitely have no idea your gf is this close to burn you alive with just her gaze.

image source
image source/ Red Chillies Entertainment

8. The perfectly velle friends on your Whatsapp group, who have nothing better to do than to discuss how hot Sunny Leone is looking in the trailer of Ek Paheli Leela.

image source/ T-Series
image source/ ShowMaker Pictures

9. The useless messages which threaten you to make your next 7 years unlucky if you do not forward it to 7 other people; which btw you seriously consider doing this time to escape the wrath of your GF if not God.

image source/ Dharma Productions- ShowMan Pictures- Yash Raj Films

10. The call by some girl called Riya which turned your gf into Jonty Rhodes, diving for your phone to check who’s the bi*ch.

And then making you spend the next half an hour trying to explain her she was just an HR of the company you applied to.
image source/ Dharma Productions

11. The one message by OLA cabs, urging you to download the app so you could win free OLA money!! Yoohoo…. Of course you’ll download…

image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

And there came the diet coke on your head!

image source/ Dharma Productions / Featured Image Source
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