11 Ways To Get Out Of A Really Bad Date

Some dates can prove to be really horrible. You can neither stay nor can you cast an abracadabra and escape the agony. So, here are 11 great ways to get out of a really bad date without proving yourself to be jerk who bailed out:

1. Take the precaution at the beginning itself telling them that you have some plans later and so can only stay for half an hour.

If the date’s bad you already have an excuse to leave, if it’s going well, you can always cancel your plan for your lovely date. 😉
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2. Or plan for a shorter date. Say coffee instead of a full fledged dinner.

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3. Pretend like you forgot to feed your pet and rush off.

Fill them in on your way out on how your ‘make-believe’ pet dog or cat is hypoglycemic and can’t stay on an empty stomach.
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4. All of a sudden, start crying uncontrollably.

When they ask why, tell them dating with them brought back all the memories of your ex and how you are still not over them. Now rush off excusing yourself for the embarrassment.
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5. Have your friend call you half an hour into the date. Now, pretend there’s something urgent they need your help on and rush home!


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6. Secretly text your buddy who may be close by to come and crash your date.

And when they do crash it, give your date that apologetic and innocent ‘What can I do?’ look.
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7. Pretend you are feeling sick and spend 10 whole minutes in the restroom. Now return back to tell them you badly need to head back home.

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8. Tell them you had an exhausting day and politely excuse yourself to go back home and take some rest.

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9. Laugh at their joke and casually admit you think you two would make great friends.


10. Play a matchmaker and innocently slip in the name of someone who might just be perfect for them.

Offer to set them up with him/her instead.
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11. Be brutally honest and politely tell them how you think you two aren’t cut for a romantic match.

Now apologise and leave.
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