11 Reasons Why It’s Great Being Short

Yeah, I know, people generally take being short as something of a shortcoming, a black mark of sort. And on instance like when looking for a rishta, ‘Ladki ki height choti hai‘ or people calling you ‘chotu‘; it seriously doesn’t seem like there can be anything good about being the kiddo size that you are. But then again, chhoti height ke bhi apne fayde hain.

1. You don’t need Santoor soap so that “umar ka pata he na chale” 🙂  Your height takes care of that.

image source

2. You can hear people calling you gudiya or baba even when when you’ve very much touched your mid-twenties.

image source

3. You don’t have to lift heavy objects..people come running for your rescue of a hard working kid.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

4. And forget about having to get up to get the boxes off the top shelves. When will the taller siblings come handy?

image source

5. You can easily move your way through a crowd.

image source/ Dharma Productions

6.You can fit about anywhere and sleep peacefully without having to twist and turn your legs awkwardly.

image source

7. You can very well get piggy back rides from him as well! Long Legs can you beat that?

image source/ Disney Pixar

8. You can cuddle with your hubby like this and mmm… it feels so good.

image source

9. Or enjoy fun and romantic moments like these.

image source/ Yash Raj Films

10. And you always receive those papa bear hugs that close you in so warmly!

image source

11. And when you are sad, you don’t even need a specially made extra heighted table. A regular one would just be fine for you to do this. 😉

image source/Reliance Pictures
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