10 Ways To Impress Your Leo Bae

A Leo man is not as difficult to read as one may think. He is simple. However, he is one proud beast and oh so regal! So, if you want to impress your Leo bae, better follow these tips religiously.

1. Leo men are too traditional in approach so show him your damsel side and let him drape you with his jacket even if you aren’t feeling a least bit cold.

2. He loves sophistication in a girl so be at your best behavior and remember to be chivalrous.

3. He appreciates honesty and loyalty so spill out a few secrets yourself to get closer and win his trust. Only then can he open up to you.

4. He likes to feel admired and paid attention to. So, let him know often how much you look up to him.

And before you start thinking he’s a narcissist, know that its because of his well concealed insecurities.

5. He likes to get spoilt and spoil his partner too so make sure you indulge well while planning a date for him.

6. Also, he loves to flaunt so if you are thinking of gifting him something make it something lavish and branded.

Though, he would love to receive any gift from you because all it comes down to ‘appreciation’ for him.

7. Indulge in slight touches, flirting and teasing with him since he craves for your love and affection.

8. If you can turn heads, he’ll only be too happy to bask in the reflected glory. So, pay attention to your dressing as well when with him.

A tip: Leo guys love warm shades and feminine fabrics like silk.
9. He is the king of nights and so likes to go out, party hard. So, better match your pace with him.

10. Leos are extremely positive people so keep them hooked with an equally optimistic zest for life.

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