10 Things You Hate While Hanging Out With Friends Who Are Couple

hanging out with couples

Singles alert! Cheesy couples on their way. 

Let’s be honest; no couple in this world doesn’t do overly sweet, diabetes-inducing things with their baes around….even in public.

Maybe it’s something that singles don’t understand, and perhaps they don’t do these things deliberately either. But whatever it may be, one thing is for sure… 

These are highly annoying things to any given single, any given day. So we have come up with ten things singles hate while hanging out with couples.

#1 Addressing themselves as ‘we’.

The most annoying thing singles face while hanging out with couples is they would always refer to them as WE. WE are planning to go to a movie, do you want to come along, WE think this & that, you will just hear this in every conversation.

hate-couple-1.1-genelia-mock-amazed-annoyed-surprisedImage source

#2 Answering each other. Oh, dear! Did you accidentally press his/her mute button?

Can you believe it? They will not leave a chance to talk on behalf of each other as if they are just born. Singles literally hate these things about couples hanging out with them.

hate-couple-2-text-7-casualty-4-shahid-huh-judging-you-snob-proudRajshri Productions

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#3 Cuddling or feeding each other and much more nauseating stuff. Simply Ugghhh…!!

They don’t even let go of their cuddling and feeding habits in public places. Are you kidding me, is it that hard for them to eat by themselves. 

hate-couple-3-khoobsurat-yuck-ugh-disgustingImage source/ Walt Disney Studios- Motion Pictures

#4 Or not letting go of each others’ hands at any time. In case you didn’t notice, we are not playing chain here.

hate-couple-4-what-wtf-fuck-despicable-me-minionsImage source/ Universal Pictures

#5 Churning out their insightful relationship advice like they are an expert on the topic. Ohh… I didn’t know you had a master’s in RELATIONSHIP ADVICES.

They will not leave a chance in giving relationship advice when it has just been a week since they started dating.

hate-couple-5-thinkin-g-listening-mocking-teasig-sarcastic-deepikaImage source/ Eros International

#6 Calling out each other by their pet names. Hon’ Bon?

They call each other by these funny names which certainly is annoying to singles when they are hanging out with couples. Wow…Wish her parents could take your advice while naming her. 

hate-couple-6-way-to-go-well-done-yeah-amazed-impressed-anushkaImage source/ Hari Om Entertainment- T-Series

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#7. Mock-wrestling and making those annoyingly adorable faces that only they find cute. I wish I could punch you too right now. 

hate-couple-7-tall-9-hool-sonam-kapoor-dilli-6-make-face-hateImage source/ Showman Pictures- UTV Motion Pictures- Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures- ShowMan Pictures

#8 Telling you their ‘we’ stories at every given opportunity. Shut it!! Please!! No body is interested in knowing what colored balloons he got you!

hate-couple-8-shut-up-akshay-rowdy-rathore-annoyed-irritatedImage source/ UTV Motion Pictures

#9 Trying to set you up with someone they know would be perfect for you. And become a pair of bubble gum monsters with neon hearts stuck on our foreheads? No thanks. You two are enough.

hate-couple-9-keep-it-to-yourself-priyanka-chopra-anjana-anjani-enough-fine-whateverImage source/ Eros Entertainment

#10 They will try to set you with someone they know

Trying to set you up with someone they know would be perfect for you. And become a pair of bubble gum monsters with neon hearts stuck on our foreheads? No thanks. You two are enough.

hate-couple-10-sarcastic-salman-smile-make-fun-mock-proud-attitudeImage source/ Eros Entertainment/  Featured Image Source

Can you point out any more?

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