10 Sure Signs That Say You Are Dating An Engineer

dating an engineer

No matter how much people make fun of engineers, dating an engineer could be quite a thing. Dating can resemble a lot to perfect geometry and precise data when you are dating an engineer. Like every other professional in the world, engineers also have their own peculiar, some charming, some annoying traits that clearly reflect on your relationship. Let’s find out the signs that surely say you are dating an engineer.

1. When you don’t hear from him for long and even his cell phone’s coming switched off… No need to panic… he is probably in his pajamas playing Call Of Duty on his gaming console.

dating an engineer
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Most of the Engineers have spent days in their college life playing video games. From Call of Duty to PUBG, they’re almost always playing and winning. And when they’re bored of merely playing and winning, they’re trying to get into the code behind the game to hack it or maybe get the highest kills possible.

2. Whenever you have a leaking tap or broken music player, all you need to do is casually mention it over a phone conversation and the next thing you know, it will be all good as new.

dating an engineer
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Well honey, having a mechanical engineer boyfriend means that most of your household mechanical stuff needs no extra care. As you already have someone who knows how to fix things up!

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3. He is always just one step short to making a spreadsheet even when it comes to choosing a restaurant or the right cab to go on a date.

Nothing can be left to chance and not thoroughly researched and planned with this guy.
engineer boyfriend
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Engineers understand the importance of data. No matter how much they hate it, they won’t hesitate to spend an extra 10 minutes compiling a spreadsheet of data of things like the restaurant to visit, your favorite cosmetic to buy you this week, the cab service to take or even the dress to buy.

4. You will get tons of all kinds of gadgets as gift; some priceless, some total crap; but forget he’ll ever remember to buy you a rose.

engineer boyfriend
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The heart of an Engineer lies in technology. They won’t spare a minute to ensure that you’re lacking behind the latest technology. They might have planned what to gift you on your next birthday in advance. But fret not, they’ll almost always forget to buy you flowers. This is both one of the pros and cons of dating an engineer.

5. He always has loads of gibberish tech-y talk ready to swirl you into despite the fact you don’t even get a word he’s speaking.

dating an engineer boyfriend
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What’s the point of even dating an engineer when you don’t go through this problem? Dating an engineer boyfriend comes with its share of problems. You get to bear with all the techy-stuff he’s talking about and have to make it look like you’re interested in his talks.

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6. You always rely on him to make things right since you know he will remain calm throughout the argument and settle it down only with logic.

dating an engineer
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Romantic relationships with Engineers are praised a lot for the reason that they believe in logic more than anything else. They are calm and mostly gentle throughout the argument that you are having with him. Need tips on dating an engineer? Don’t get into an argument with them because they’re keeping track of all the times you’ve argued – be it meaningful or senselessly.

7. He is the cleanest and the most organized guy you’ve ever known. His room remains chic and his books, CDs and stationary all stacked up in right places.

dating an engineer pros and cons
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Those Engineers who have lived in hostels might agree to it. They know the plight of sharing the room with their counterparts and what living in boundaries means. Hence, dating an engineer boyfriend means you’re learning a lot about self-organization. As students tend to steal a lot from them in hostels, you’ll know that a lot of things will be hidden, no matter what.

8. Been a nerd all his school and college life, he doesn’t know he’s hot and that’s what makes him even more adorable and irresistible!

tips on dating an engineer
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A lot of girls have a thing for nerds. Strange to understand because that’s not what’s promoted and celebrated on social media. However, a lot of engineers find it hard to believe that they’re considered hot by some girls even though they don’t give a damn about their looks.

9. He is a very patient and rational being. So you know you can definitely count on him for sticking patiently with you all his life.

how to impress an engineer
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Engineers have waited for hours in laboratories to observe their experiments. And this shows how much they can wait for you to return to your senses after a fight or an argument.

Pro Tip: Avoid arguments at any cost.

10. The best part though, being a responsible and serious about supposedly serious things of life; he is too easily approved by your parents! Woo Hoo..!

romantic relationships with engineers
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If your engineer boyfriend has a job, takes care of the family, and keeps you happy, there’s a big chance that your parents will approve of him marrying you. Hence, one of the best things about dating an engineer.

These were the 10 sure signs that say you are dating an engineer. Are you also dating an engineer? Let us know the points you could relate to the most. And don’t forget to comment and let us know any other thing that happens in a relationship with an engineer.

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