Trulymadly Integrates With Yoti

For a lot of us in the Indian subcontinent, the biggest concern that comes with online dating is the question of safety. Is this a real person we are talking to? Is he really who he claims to be? We think of it ten times over before we decide to go ahead and give out our number to someone.
Online dating has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Unfortunately, it has brought with it dating frauds and romance scams which cost time, money and emotional distress. It is extremely important that daters trust that the people they meet online are who they say they are.
 You can give your concerns a rest, there is a solution now.
Trulymadly,  India’s leading dating app has joined hands with Yoti, the digital identity app, to create a safer community of online daters.
How does it work?
The free Yoti app is available on Android and Apple phones and takes less than five minutes to set up. Over 750,000 people have already installed it. Take a selfie and scan your passport with your smartphone. Yoti verifies that the selfie and photo ID match, checks the integrity of the photo ID and then creates a secure digital identity that only you can access.
The passport scan at the time of verification is only used to verify details like name, date of birth and nationality; it is then deleted from Yoti’s systems. Only you can see your personal data after that – even Yoti can’t see it. In the coming months, Yoti will also support other Indian documents such as Aadhaar, driving licence and PAN.
TrulyMadly users will be able to use Yoti to verify their personal details, such as their name and age, which will boost the Trust Score on their profile, giving other daters more assurance that the profile is genuine. Using Yoti on  TrulyMadly is initially available on Android phones, it will be available on Apple phones in the coming months.
So go ahead, happy dating; it is safer now.

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