Aashna from Ajmer met Sarthak from Jaipur

TrulyMadly Forever Story

Sitting on my couch, Laptop in my hand, nonchalantly scrolling through profiles, I received a pop-up notification from a young, charismatic boy who’s name was Sarthak Gambhir. Skimming through his profile, I waited for five minutes there and thought whether to reply or not. Little did I know that he is the one with whom I will be spending the rest of my life.

Like every other love story that starts on the internet, I decided (fortunately) to give him a reply and gradually we got a chance to know each other. Luckily, we both shared the same background. To my surprise, we were students of the same school and his mother was a teacher in that very school. Thanks to this dating app, TrulyMadly for keeping the future spouses in touch (Ahem).

TrulyMadly Forever Story

From text, to calls, to video calls, to meetings, to dates, to never sleeping without saying Good Night and waking up to a Good Morning text with a smile, it all became a routine within no time. Four years into this and we knew where to take this relationship. We got our families involved, told them about our sweet little love story and everybody agreed, thankfully. Yes, we are married now. Meet Mrs. Sarthak Gambhir and I’ll be making Mr Sarthak Gambhir read this and shoot his reaction on my phone. 

TrulyMadly Forever Story 1

Two years into marriage and everyday is a fresh new day with him. He might not be the perfect man or the perfect husband out there, but he’s trying every day to make me feel special, and it makes me fall for him every day, again and again. Not gonna lie, but men who make efforts, will always win a woman’s heart. Those little arguments and different opinions have never weakened our love wire but have coated it with more love as we get to understand each other better now. He is a perfect combination of husband, friend, lover, and my partner in crime. He even taught me the art of overlooking flaws and drawing something positive out of it which has made me a better person now, wife to be precise (lol). In return, I made him a good chef (wink).

I would like to confess that this bumpy marriage journey has never been a bed full of roses for both of us. Like any other couple, we also had our own share of issues like family issues, career issues, professional life, personal life, and many other problems surrounding our life but knowing that someone this supportive and amazing person is always by my side, there was always this shining sun behind guiding me and supporting me. My pillar of strength and my pillow when I felt weak, it’s hard to imagine my life without him now. 

TrulyMadly Forever Story

I always believed the fact that God has all the plans ready for us, even our partner is decided in that divine place, but there is someone or something on this Earth who brings the two hearts together. For me, it is TrulyMadly. A perfect place to search, talk, meet, know, and finally decide your paths ahead.

Yes, online dating comes with a lot of precautions and giving a chance to TrulyMadly was absolutely worth it. The Trust Score feature really helps you match with authentic and genuine profiles.

They say love is in the air, but for me it was on the screen. A lover Truly worth it and Madly I am in love with. Thank you TrulyMadly for filling my life with the air of love. Now when I look back, I feel I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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