Kind Of Cuties You’ll Meet On Holi

Holi hai toh Boybrowsing hai 😉
Hello Ladies!
Everyone’s favourite flirting festival is right here and here’s our guide to the kind of boys who will colour your world!
This  brave knight in colorful armor will take the balloons for you. Not even for a nanosecond, he’ll leave your side and will shield you from the preying eyes of the attackers. Holi Tip: While he’s so nice, you be the super naughty one and run a smear campaign against him.
This guy has been taking his weight lifting lessons very very seriously.  He’ll literally sweep you off your feet like a princess and whooosshhh….dump you straight into a puddle of dirt. For revenge, give him a huge *dirty* hug and this should settle your score :p
This guy will make your head go round and round and round. The life of every Holi party, everyone buzzes around him like a bee cause he holds the key to your ‘highness’. Lip smacking thandai, pakoras and golees– you name it, he’s got it. Cray it up with some music and dance with him like there’s no working Monday.
He puts the ‘t’ in terror. His ammo include silver paint, grease, eggs, tomatoes and everything smashable. He’ll find you and he’ll smudge your face till you look like a painting by a 5 year old.  Don’t give up ladies, show your womaniya powers and  put  an equally good fight till he surrenders with a white flag.
Tease your match to a colorful Holi today and UnSingle! 
Have a safe one 🙂

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