Top 7 Romantic Dating Ideas

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Today, a lot of couples want, but struggle to set up a perfect date. In this post, the dating experts at TrulyMadly bring the best dating ideas that can surely spice up your relationship. Whether you have started dating someone recently, or have been in a relationship for years; these dating ideas will definitely help you express your emotions to your partner.

We get it, that you probably have those old school dating ideas in your mind that you have been seeing in Bollywood movies, cartoons, and more. To help you set up your most memorable date, we have jot down some of the finest examples that have worked so far.

Waking up early for the sunrise

Sunrise is one of the most underrated views ever! People are keen on waking late, which is why they don’t know the beauty of watching a sunrise. If it is your first date, then for sure, go ahead with this one. Watching sunrise from either a hill or from your nearby park could be one of the most blissful first date ideas.

Time for some art

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Exploring is something that’s worth it. Art isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But, if you are looking to explore something new, an unknown side of your partner that you may have never known, then doing an art won’t hurt. When you’re both done making your favorite piece of art, it may turn out really obnoxious, but it’s going to be memorable. Hence, it makes it one of the best cute date ideas.

Share each other’s music playlist

While you think that you’re going to share a link to your online playlist, that’s not how it’s done. Some of the most executed at home date ideas are sharing your favorite music playlist with your partner. We understand that it’s kind of difficult to express your emotions at times. And music is by far the easiest way to express how you feel. So, you can share your earphones while your playlist is running in the background.


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Stargazing is by far the most demanded date night ideas. Couples now want to sit or lay in silence under the stars at around 2 or 3 in the morning. Trust me, just one night under the stars could amplify your love for your partner. Just lay there and talk about how you feel throughout the day, your dreams, ambitions, fears, insecurities, and everything else.

Play Quizzes with your match on TrulyMadly

Even if you’re both miles apart, you can still get to know each other well using the TrulyMadly App. We have included some fun games on Truly Madly which you can play with your partner. There are times when we are short on words and don’t know what to talk about. For such situations, we have included a fun way to talk and interact with your match on TrulyMadly.

Share your skills

What’s any better time to teach your loved one a skill you specialize in? TrulyMadly understands that this is a difficult time for you as well. But, you can still make the most of it, by teaching your loved one, a new skill. This would not only help you grow in your professional life, but also as a couple. So, why not try this awesome date idea online? It could again be a brilliant first date idea if you’re genuinely into something unique.

Educational Date Idea

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One of the best ways to productively kill your time with your lover is this romantic date idea. We recommend you to pick an educational video from an entrepreneur or a businessman, watch his small pep talk together and then discuss it. This way, you’ll be able to know your partner more in a professional manner.

So these were some of the best date ideas from the dating experts at TrulyMadly. If you liked this blog, feel free to share it with your partner and decide which activity you should be doing next. Download the TrulyMadly Dating App today!

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