What Do Single Guys Do on Weekends Vs How the Couples Do It

what do single guys do on weekends

When you are in a relationship, you start valuing weekends more than anything else. They are the most awaited days, especially for couples.

A smile of your sweetheart is more than enough to recharge your cells after having a long and tiring week at work.

So couples spend Fridays or sometimes the whole week probably figuring out how to spend quality time with their boyfriend or girlfriend, which I think can bring a broad smile on their face. 

But on the other hand, weekends are usually awful for singles, with the most annoying question of ‘what to do’ or ‘how to spend time with girlfriend’ hanging over their heads, unless they have a whole bunch of singles in their group.

Otherwise, being single sucks when you have no one to go out with, and you are just wasting your Saturday afternoon thinking about what to do.

But if you are in a relationship, know how to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

So, let’s find out how couples spend their weekends vs. how singles do it.

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1. Couples: Making plans for what to do and where to go this time.

week-1a-humpty-sharma-ki-dulhania-alia-varun-thinking-planning-discussingPhoto by Tumblr

Couples are most likely to be ready with a plan of how they would spend their weekend. We just get a day or two in a week to spend time with the partner so it’s worth spending Friday nights or maybe a whole week for that matter for making weekend plans.

But couples are mostly thinking about how to spend time with their girlfriends or boyfriends. I mean what do couples do on weekends, yaar?

Singles: Making plans what to do and where to go this time only where it won’t look weird hanging out all by yourself.

week-1b-crush-5-thinking-wtf-what-to-do-oh-god-mujhse-frandship-karogeImage source: Tumblr 

What do single guys do on weekends? Singles may feel sad and frustrated at times while making plans for weekends where they can actually hang out all by themselves.

Where they can go and drink without getting judged because it’s true people find it awkward if somebody is sitting all alone at the bar or a cafe. 

But they say it’s all in mind. Of course, hanging out with your partner is a great idea, but it’s a great opportunity to bond with yourself if you get to spend your weekends with none other than YOURSELF. 

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2. Couples: Trying to get over with all the weekend household chores so that you can spend maximum time with your bae.

week-2a-doorbell-minion-despicable-me-disney-chore-house-work-sweep-maid-cleanImage source: Tumblr

Getting your household chores done is one of the most important tasks couples do on weekends so that they get enough time to spend with their partner.

Singles: Sleeping all day long… Or at least till your mom wakes you up with her call to ask what did you have for lunch.

week-2b-sunlight-sunshine-morning-wake-upImage source: Tumblr

Let’s keep the wish of being with a partner aside for a while. The good news is that you get to sleep for extended hours if you have no one to commit your time to.

As individuals, singles try to be more and more creative as they find their weekends as an opportunity to do something exciting alone.

If not, you are free to laze around in your pajamas the whole day long. Weekends that way are pretty chill (equally as it would have been with a partner). 

3. Couples: Spending the entire afternoon together and have a lovely intimate lunch with your SO.

week-3a-first-date-10-lunch-date-aamir-priety-zinta-dil-chahta-hai-restaurant-eat-dineImage source: Tumblr

Going on lunch dates is the best time where couples spend hours together and get to know their partners more.

You enjoy your meal when you eat with somebody. How to spend quality time with your boyfriend? Make sure you make the most out of your time together.

Singles: Ordering out pizza and gulping it down with soda sitting all day in front of your tv.

week-3b-bored-watching-tv-deepika-padukone-om-shanti-omImage source: Tumblr

Ordering pizza and all is fine, but are we underestimating friends here? Well, they make a fantastic company with lots of fun and never-ending chat-chats.

Single people can have a gala time with their friends without even feeling the need to have a partner (or maybe not, LOL). 

4. Couples: Having fun bowling or go karting with your bae.

week-5a-bowling-playingImage source: Tumblr

Couples really have a lot of options when it comes to how one can spend a good time with a girlfriend or boyfriend. Couples really can have fun when going bowling or Go Karting with bae.

Singles: Playing Candy Crush on the phone or checking out their crush’s profile.

week-4b-tangled-bored-tumblr-facebook-laptop-weekendImage source: Tumblr

Singles are mostly on their phones checking their crush’s profile on Instagram. This is what most singles do on weekends. Well, it is fun too. (wink)

5. Couples: Enjoying the sunset together.

week-6a-deepika-ranbir-yjhd-pizza-sunset-couple-alone-enjoy-togetherImage source: Tumblr

Singles: Binge watch their favorite show, shamelessly!

week-5b-ranbir-laundry-work-chores-washing-clothes-wake-up-sidImage source: Tumblr

Sounds great? It even feels better when you’re right into the moment, enjoying every bit of it with your favorite popcorn and a chilled beverage.

6. Couples: Losing yourself dancing with him all night in a pub….Ahh…

week-7a-soty-siddharth-alia-dance-coupleImage source: Tumblr

So when you have the question “how to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend”, this is the perfect way how couples spend time together.

Singles: Calling each of your friends and checking if anybody’s free to grab a drink with you.

week-6b-call-phone-priety-zinta-dil-chahta-hai-byeImage source: tumblr

Oh boy! Being single sucks when you get this feeling that you have no one to go out with. When you want to go grab a drink but you spent your whole weekend calling your friends asking them out.

So, how do you spend your weekend?

So, let us know how you guys spend your weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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