10 Dating Myths Debunked

There are many myths associated with dating that are ruining your chance at finding someone special. These myths have no base and are brutally limiting, not to mention how widespread they are.

Myth #1

Dating only means hooking up today.

Everyone has different needs and while there may be people who are interested in casual dating, there are also people who are looking for a meaningful relationship. It is only a matter of finding someone who shares your taste.

Myth #2

Nobody dates today because nobody’s got time for it now.

Dating may seem like a dead routine but it is in fact not. Even though the virtual world of texting and tweeting has made people lazy and claim ‘I don’t have time for dating’; in reality, people look forward to exciting dates to know their potential partners and build a relationship.

Myth #3

The more dates you go on, more is your chance to find love.

Quality always wins over quantity. You may go on 10 dates a month and still not find a suitable partner and may choose to go on a single date and your date may happen to be the one you are looking for. It only owes to being selective from the start and saving yourself from the ‘impulsive dating’ burn out.

Myth #4

You will know if it’s worth it on the first date.

Even if you don’t click on the first date, it doesn’t mean the date’s a failure. Often we are too quick to judge someone while the truth is it is impossible to know someone in just the first meeting. So, it is better to give it a second date before jumping to any conclusion.

Myth #5

People change with time.

Though contradicting the above pointer, it is good to look out for warning signs and pay heed to your hunches. Ignoring something that’s bothering you, alone on the grounds that it’s too soon to make a judgement can be be a problem too. So, ease up but learn to listen to your intuition as well.

Myth #6

Online dating doesn’t help.

People often have the wrong impression that online dating only suits people who have tried it all and failed or who are only looking for hook ups. On the contrary, online dating is a great way to find and know people with similar interests and that too safely.

Myth #7

Online dating is the only thing that can help.

Online dating no doubt is helpful to find a true match for you but you also need to be socially active and aware since you never know when and where you may find someone who can prove to be a great date.

Myth #8

It doesn’t matter what your friends and family think of your date.

Although dating someone should be your call, the fact that your family and friends are a 3rd party and have a clear vision of your date, let’s them give you the best and unclouded opinion about him that can definitely be beneficial for you.

Myth #9

Dating should be treated as a serious business.

Dating shouldn’t feel like a grinding chore or a business. It is meant to be fun, exciting and a wonderful experience. Though you must be cautious, you should also learn to take it easy.

Myth #10

Steer clear of rebound dates.

Rebound dates aren’t always bad. They are way to get over a bitter break up but though it may start as a pure rebound, sometimes it can also result in a new found love. So, be careful but still do give it a try.
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