#BreakingStereotypes: Delhi Women

Hello, boys! We know that there are many different perceptions about Delhi women across the world. Many are fair (like half the women here, you’d say), but most of them are just plain lame. Plus, they’re based on assumptions that make no sense. So we’ve decided to make it our mission to break popular stereotypes about Dilli di kudiyan.
Of course, it doesn’t stop here. We agree that every city has it’s own funny stories. In faaact, just today, the fabulously funny Vir Das tweeted wishing everyone in South Mumbai a ‘Very happy Goody Prada’ (Gudi Padwa is the Marathi new year). Well, he’s obviously playing along the ‘snob’ stereotype associated with South Mumbai *chuckles*. We get it.
But let’s begin with Delhi. We admit that some people do match the stereotype, but that’s not reason enough to accuse everyone of being the same, right? If one girl’s got that perfect French manicure 24/7, don’t think there aren’t 50 others in her place who bite their nails. The list is endless, so here’s our condensed version of the popular notions about Delhi girls, debunked!
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