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Hitesh Dhingra

quote1 A year and a half back, I was on a groom hunt for my sister-in-law (wife’s sister). I would get over 200 irrelevant mails a week from matrimonial websites. I realized soon that matchmaking in India hasn’t taken off towards addressing consumer needs, which is disappointing considering it is supposed to do exactly that.

Besides, there was no concrete way to establish the authenticity of profiles floating about. We found a guy on a popular wedding site, who said he lived in Dubai and asked us to wire money across under the pretext of meeting the extended family. A little investigation told us that he was actually Gujarat-based and had turned duping people on matchmaking sites into a business.That’s when I met Sachin and Rahul Together, we decided to put trust and compatibility back into online matchmaking and here we are.quote2



Rahul Kumar

quote1Matchmaking was always a bit of a mystery to me. I kept hearing stories about scary experiences online and a rather cut and dry approach taken by websites that claimed to find true love. Everything was based on hard facts- caste, religion and salaries. But that’s not how marriages are made. After meeting Hitesh and Sachin, I decided to put my experience in the online space to work in this field and we conceptualized Truly Madly. Having seen the madness of match-hunts and facing a lot of drama in our own lives helped us understand what the independent Indian youth needs in a life partner. We’re out to make a difference in the online matchmaking space. quote2


Sachin Bhatia

quote1Finding love for someone else is a tough business. Right now, the online matrimonial system in India is so cumbersome that people delegate the job to their parents or agents when its something deeply personal. And even when the boy/girl is handling the process, what do a person’s vital stats and surname have to do with the union of two lives? So when Hitesh, Rahul and I met and discussed our shared experiences, it was an Aha! moment. As far as the name goes, Savage Garden was literally the background score to our chat and it only seemed fitting to call ourselves TrulyMadly! quote2